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Since 2007 we have been helping small businesses in the Lansing Area expand & grow by helping them,

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Sam Bennett (Bennett Law)
Sam Bennett (Bennett Law)
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Bill handles all the marketing for my law firm in Metro Detroit. I could not be happier with his insight and in-depth knowledge of Google Ads, Facebook ads and SEO. My business would not be where it is today – GROWING DAILY – without Bill’s help. I strongly encourage any small business who is looking to grow their online presence to speak with Bill and take a look at what he has to offer. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! –Sam Bennett (The Bennett Law Firm, Metro Detroit Criminal Defense Attorney)
Shannon R (Healing Conversations)
Shannon R (Healing Conversations)
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LuckyFish Media was and is an amazing asset to my business. They helped create awareness that our business was open by creating a very appealing website as well as creating Google Ads and Facebook Ads. We had many people visit our website within the first month of our business opening which was encouraging to see. LuckyFish Media is always ready to assist and make suggestions about content and design. It was refreshing to be heard regarding my own ideas for my site as well as get the advice needed to keep moving forward with the look and content of the site. This has been a very positive experience and we have received several compliments on the ease and feel of the website design.
Brendon Basiga (Basiga Law)
Brendon Basiga (Basiga Law)
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Bill knows exactly what he's doing. The results speak for themselves. He's great to work with and he always comes up with creative ideas on how to promote our business. I would recommend LuckyFish Media to anyone!

Is Your Website Working with You or Against You?

Is Your Business Not Ranking on the First Page of Google?

Looking to Drive Traffic to Your Site NOW?

Is Your Business Not as Big as it Should Be?

If your business is a “diamond in the rough” (a great business with very little web traffic) we can help you build a customized, mobile-friendly website & then help you start building your brand & increasing your traffic.

By working with us and having a digital marketing partner, you will start to feel your stress fade as you begin to see your web traffic growing, your ROI increasing, & your business growing. 

Growing Your Business Online Can Be Confusing

We are not going to lie to you, marketing your business online is tough. I see it all the time. Businesses failing online because they didn’t have a plan or a strategy and were just spending money on anything that was “shiny” or “new”.

Worse yet, they are usually taken advantage of by unscrupulous digital marketing companies looking to make a quick buck. To succeed in growing your business online, it takes a solid digital strategy & a plan on how best to spend your money to get the best ROI for your company.

In addition, we may be biased, but we think it helps to have an experienced partner along the way. 

Do You Feel Like You Are You Too Busy To Market Your Business Online?

Unfortunately, while your business is standing on the side of the pool waiting for the best time to jump in, others are already splashing around in the pool and having a great time. Every single day over a million new websites are created.

Remember, “Perfect is the enemy of Good”. There will never be a perfect time to start creating & implementing your digital marketing strategy.

You have to make time and do it or your business will get stuck standing on the side of the pool. 

If You Think That Having a Website Is All You Need To Stand Out From Other Businesses We Have Some Bad News

Digital Marketing is a lot like a great cooking recipe. You know as well as I do, It’s not just one ingredient that makes your grandma’s favorite dish taste so delicious. It’s the combination of different ingredients all coming together & working in harmony to create an amazing dish.

Digital Marketing is the same. It not only takes a great website but other digital marketing channels such as SEO, Social Media, Video, Google & Facebook Ads (PPC), Email Marketing, all working together in synergy to help your brand grow and succeed. 

After over 10+ years of helping businesses grow online, we realize that you can’t just focus on one area of digital marketing & expect your business to grow.

Simply put, we help small businesses create a digital marketing strategy that includes a professional website site, SEO, and Google Ads to help them grow & reach their goals.

Please contact us for a free 30 min. consultation if you would like to discuss growing your business.

4 Reasons Why Working with Us Might Be the Best Marketing Move You Will Ever Make

The best use of your time should be dedicated to giving your customers & your business. By hiring Luckyfish Media it lets you focus on the big picture of running and expanding your business because we will be worrying about all that “web stuff”.

Our expertise, resources, and deep commitment to our craft make us an ideal choice for any small business looking to grow.

We’ll bring the following strengths in our work with you:

  • Our lean size allows it to adapt as your goals evolve – Our team is small but very experienced. We keep our size small because it makes it easy for us to adapt and serve you as your business goals change. We deliver advice that keeps pace with your expanding organization without having to work through red tape.

  • We only work with a handful of clients – We’re selective about who we work with and how many clients we agree to work with. Having partnerships with a few long-term clients allows us to serve you better. We can devote more time and attention to understanding the inner workings of your practice and your vision.

  • We obsess over the details so you don’t have to – We leave the big picture to you and don’t mind getting our hands dirty in the day to day operations of your business. This approach lets us spot subtle opportunities for improvement. Gradual improvements in execution compound over time, creating an edge over your competitors.

  • A Simple Process & Excellent Customer Service– Whatever your goals, we want to make the process as simple as possible. We are upfront & honest with all our clients. In addition, we strive to provide the best customer service available in the area.

LuckyFish Media has been providing digital marketing services to law firms and small businesses since 2007 (13 years) so we will be there for you whenever you need anything.

If you are looking for awesome customer service, affordable marketing packages, and someone to be by your side to help you make those tough marketing decisions I suggest you drop us a line.

Are you ready to be a big fish in a small pond?

We Do All the Things That Can Help Your Business Grow

We can help you build a professional, Responsive WordPress website that can help you attract new business by combining the power of SEO & PPC Ads.

Check Out Our Amazing Digital Marketing Services

WordPress Web Design

You have 50ms to turn a visitor into a customer, Let me show you how you can make that first impression count.

Having a website is not the destination. A website is a bridge to get you to your ultimate destination.

A great website is the center of all your internet marketing efforts so you want to make sure you are putting your best foot forward. Without a professional, mobile, & SEO friendly website you are missing out on attracting potential clients.

SEO & Local SEO

More than 50% of all potential clients will start their search online. You may have the greatest website on the web, but if you aren’t on the first page of Google they may never visit your website.

Investing in SEO will help grow your business & if done correctly, will boost your bottom line. Are you ready to have your website in the top 3 of Google?

Google & Facebook PPC Ads

Using Google Ads is the best way to create immediate traffic and quickly grow your digital presence. Every business needs to advertise and today, no matter the type of business, that also means advertising online. I spend your money like it’s my money and follow proven tactics that will get you the most clicks for your budget.

Content Creation & Strategy

Quality content is the life blood of any website that is looking to grow. Good content can attract new visitors and prove you are the best option for their needs. We work with professional writers that can help you boost your blog or create a new page for your website. Not having content aimed at your target audience is a big mistake.


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